We are proud to introduce our new package of mobile applications, Dr. Carbide.



Tungaloy offers a wide range of cutting tools to provide total solutions to your machining needs. Selecting the right tool and machine setting is the key to maximizing your productivity, and Dr. Carbide will assist you in finding the “cure” for your needs in a very simple, quick search.


Targeted towards machining engineers, process experts, and sales force in dealers, Dr. Carbide offers 4 highly useful applications for cutting tool selection and machining.

  • E-Catalog: Electronic catalog
  • Tung-Navi: Tool navigation system that provides the best tools and cutting conditions for the given applications
  • Insert Converter: Grade and chipbreaker comparison system between Tungaloy and competitor inserts
  • Machining Calculator: Cutting condition and machine power calculations for the given applications


Download our new package of mobile applications Dr. Carbide from AppStore or Google Play to “cure” all of your machining and cutting tool needs.